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EasyDK the custom display solution !
Communicate, disseminate, participate with EasyDK

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Communicate well with EasyDK: a turnkey product

For 384€ without subscription, you revolutionize your communication and customer experience !

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EasyDK combines dynamic and interactive display on a single screen !

EasyDK is an innovative digital signage solution that enriches the communication experience on screen. The passer-by can freely interact with the advertiser brand from his smartphone and thus discover your content through an amazing touchless experience.

Discover our innovative solution ?

Communicate on your screens, interact with your customers

The innovative digital signage solution available without subscription.

Client testimonial

Clien Gan assurance EasyDK, client Franck Vives agent général

"We were looking for a simple digital signage solution for the windows of our 2 agencies. We were seduced by EasyDK PRO which offers the necessary functions for a professional display without commitment and at an affordable price. Quick to install, it works right away !"

F. Vives, General Agent · ‎Gan Assurances

The solution designed to make you visible
and make the customer experience unique, astonishing

Affichage dynamique dans une boutique avec un écran au mur et une vendeuse digitalisée

What is the EasyDK digital signage solution?

EasyDK is a professional digital signage solution. Our software allows you to transmit on a screen all your media contents. Thus, you personalize at 100% your contents and broadcast them on screen.

Create dynamic display screens allows you to overcome the problem of the touch screen. Indeed, you transmit your information and involve your customers or prospects without touching the screen.

Transmit all your content in a single click, from your computer or smartphone. Moreover, we have developed a software and an application to allow you to create your content easily.

More informations

All your content, your scenarios, programmed and updated in one click, centrally. Thanks to our intelligent programming solution, no more organizational headache. In a single schedule, it's done for a week, a month... a whole event !

Why Easy Digital Key ?

EasyDK is the result of teamwork. Indeed, we are a team passionate about new technology. Constantly looking for novelties and innovations. For this reason, we have designed EasyDK, an all-in-one interactive display solution, without obligation.

We have grouped together all the essential functions of digital signage with a consideration of the interaction of a community. An innovative solution, because of the integration of an interaction function, between "the consumer" and the company, its ease of programming and management.

An aspect, until now, never taken into account by any enterprise digital signage solution. A digital solution that allows to overcome health issues with touch screens. Indeed, in this particular context, we have studied the possibility of interacting "remotely".

Digital signage, for any public, for any event

Schedule your broadcast sequences for real-time display, whatever your events, whatever your objectives.

  • Events: seminars, corporate communication, trade shows...Display your communication, disseminate your information thanks to the EasyDK digital solution.

  • Points of Sales/Shops: set up contests and get your prospects, customers and even passers-by to participate. Make contacts and make sales.

  • Internal communication: it is important for you to remind your employees of key information, interact with them, and involve them in events. Distribute information interactively and create a dynamic atmosphere within your team.

  • Commercial hall: current promotions, contests, important information? Use digital signage to broadcast and attract your customers. A very effective call to action. Indeed, you use points of contact and interaction to make your promotion.

Discover all features

A real asset, the participation of your customers, prospects, passers-by.

deux client dans un magasin regardent un écran d'affichage dynamique

Give your customers the experience. Let them participate.
In this way, create a strong bond and energize your business relationship. Stay in control while involving your community. Indeed, whether it is your customers, your prospects, passers-by.... Give them access to your screen to make them participate thanks to a QR CODE.

Expand your network, database and customer proximity.
Create a real competitive advantage with EasyDK.

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