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Communicate, broadcast, engage with EasyDK

THE innovative digital signage solution.

The solution designed to make you visible and make the customer experience unique, amazing.



What is the EasyDK digital signage solution ?

EasyDK is a dynamic display software that allows you to overcome the problem of the touch screen. Indeed, you transmit your information and participate to your customers or prospects without contact with the screen.


Cloud display software

EasyDK is a professional digital signage solution.

Our software brodcast all your media content to be transmitted to a screen. Thus, you personalize your content 100% and broadcast it on screen.

Transmit all your content with just one click, from your computer or smartphone. In addition, we have developed software and an application to allow you to easily create your content.

All your content, your scenarios, programmed and updated in a single click, centrally. Thanks to our solution ofintelligence programming, no more fuss over organization. In a single program, the trick is played for a week, a month ... quite an event !

Phygital signage innovation for interactive signage

A real asset, the participation of your customers, prospects, passers-by.

Bring the experience to your customers. Let them participate. Thus, create a strong bond and boost your business relationship.

Stay in control while engaging your community. Indeed, whether it is your customers, your prospects, passers-by .... Give them access to your screen to make them participate thanks to a QR CODE.

Develop your network, your database and customer proximity. Create a real competitive advantage with EasyDK.

Cloud display software

All your media transmitted on screen thanks to dynamic display

Digital Signage for Advertising

Promote yourself by digital Signage for Advertising content and information. With EasyDK, anything is possible. Indeed, the digital signage solution is all in one. So you can stream any type of content with just one click.

interactive communication platform


Digital signage


digital displays


Digital Signage Software Expertise


digital signage solution


digital display networks



A project, a need for interactive display ?

The entire Easy Digital Key team is available to advise you.

Let's get in touch.
By phone (FR) : +33 6 01 35 62 01

It is also possible to go to the application to take it in hand directly. Thus, you will see the ease and performance of it.

Do you need a demonstration ?

Don't hesitate, book your appointment online.

Thus, we will give you a complete demonstration of the tool.




linux raspian raspberrypi

« EasyDK is ideal for interconnected uses in family, in community, or in PRO contexts. EasyDK is a 100% French software, design and hosting »


 dual-display desktop computer

« EasyDK has many multimedia features and allows both remote management via the Cloud, or offline, making it a relevant solution for both personal and professional uses »

May 04, 2020

raspian buster raspberryPi

« You can create your private multimedia cloud from a simple Raspberry Pi. A Lyon company launches the EasyDK distribution to make your job easier »

April 28, 2020


EasyDK the simple and innovative display with...


Raspberry pi pour l'affichage dynamique

a screen

market-leading SaaS platform

a projector




Programming carried out from the application, for an event, a day, a week ... Create and distribute your photo or video slideshows in one click.

Give your customers an experience. Share. Promote. Interact. Screen broadcast: Broadcast your content, whatever it is, on your screen.

Make your content visible and develop your communication. You can also take advantage of a large database of templates. All preconceived to help you.

Wi-Fi (or not):
We have developed a system with Wi-Fi connection. However, our box does not have to be connected via Wi-Fi.



Dynamic signage, for all audiences, for any event

Schedule your broadcast sequences for real-time display, regardless of your events, your goals.

Events :

seminars, corporate communication, trade shows... Display your communication, disseminate your information thanks to the digital solution EasyDK.

Retailer ans shops :

set up contests and involve your prospects, customers and even passers-by. Make contacts and make sales.

Internal communication :

: it is important for you to remind your employees of essential information, to interact with them, to involve them in events. Distribute information interactively and create a dynamic atmosphere within your team.

Mall :

current promotions, contests, important information ? Go through digital signage to distribute and attract your customers. A very powerful call to action. In effect, you use points of contact and interaction to promote yourself.

More information on our digital signage solutions :

Functions - FAQ

EasyDK for iOS & Android

Easily create and cast photo, video or poster slideshows in seconds. Get direct access to billions of streaming videos from the best platforms.

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