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Digital signage and event-driven display

EasyDK is an interactive digital signage solution that encourages the passer-by, exposed to the screens, to interact with the advertising brand from his smartphone.

Discover the solution

Phygital Experiences
Digital signage in hyper-customization mode

Your customers and visitors activate the available multimedia content from their smatphones and visualize it on your display screens. The interaction created thus allows a better valorisation and a stronger memorization of your contents.

 digital display for digital advertising display

Events, trade shows, meetings, showcases and points of sale: more interaction, more impact, more memorization.


Phygital Signage abolishes the boundaries of classic digital signage by allowing your audience to be actors and interact with your screens from their smartphones, in a matter of seconds.

Your screens live! Interactivity allows you to better hold the attention of your customers and pass on your products. Go far beyond simple looped displays, create a new experience with a rich scripting, the memorization of your messages will be multiplied tenfold !

digital display for interactive display on screen

Waiting rooms and reception areas:
quality information adapted to each visitor.


Phygital Signage offers a new way to inform your visitors and customers in waiting rooms or reception areas. It's simple, you allow your audience to choose the right information among the content you offer.

The information is chosen by the visitor from his smarphone, which increases his attention. Go far beyond simple information screens or a simple TV channel, create a new experience, the transmission of your information will be optimized.

Find out why our digital signage solution is the best for 2021.

EasyDK is an innovation for communication on dynamic screens.

To meet the health challenges we have created in 2020, EasyDK the solution for phygital signage.

Digital signage is a communication and marketing tool that can display multimedia content on a digital signage information screen, ainformation screen, a digital signage advertising screen, a smartphone, a video wall and an LED panel.

Our digital signage solution is the best solution for dynamic screen communication :

- More interaction

No more need to touch the screen, visitors scan a qr code and the smartphone becomes a remote control for the digital display.

- More scripting

Your dynamic advertising screen is no longer inert, it lives to the rhythm of interactions with your customers.

- More gammification

In addition to becoming real attractions your screens entertain and engage customers: acquisition, activation, drive in-store... Your dynamic screens become interactive.

- More security

The sanitary context imposes to find agile, clever and above all secure solutions. Contact with the digital display screens is done remotely, from your own smartphone.

- Plus d'information

By offering interactive billboards, you offer another customer experience. By better engaging your audience you increase the memorization rate.

- More adaptation

Our dynamic screen solution EasyDK is also a state-of-the-art technology tool. With the deep learningWe help you to better control your screens and engage your audience more effectively.