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Easy DK - Information Display Software

VAT included

EasyDK PRO package 12 mois : the dynamic display module and the passenger remote control function.

In addition to the EasyDK box, dynamic display solution and our application for content creation, we offer various services allowing you to be fully in line with your needs.

We want to offer you a totally tailor-made and inspiring interactive display offer. Thus, we have seen our offer as an option.

In particular at the level of storage spaces , of the application to manage your programming and your displays .

(99 HT)

For a remote management/maintenance service, contact customer service.


A complete and tailor-made offer, manage your display solution as you wish

- Storage space (cloud): decide to make your storage space bigger. This will allow you to store more data and automate / schedule your scenarios for longer.

- Customized digital signage module: Do you need more functionality in order to use the professional signage solution? We are here to meet your expectations and develop unique features and settings.

- The QR Code: a QR code is already provided for the interaction between the screen and customers, visitors ... However, if you want to develop a tailor-made QR Code in particular, for trade shows, it is possible.

Our additional services for a complete management of your display display

- Maintenance: we take care of your equipment. In addition to the warranty on all our EasyDK devices, we are able to offer you maintenance of your IT equipment.

- Tailor-made development: Develop the features that interest you to make your device perform well. Thus, it will meet all your needs.

EasyDK package

- Raspberry pi 4 Model B

- High quality professional ABS housing with axial fan

- Charger 5.1V 3A

- HDMI to HDMI microphone cable

More information about the player EasyDK

- Hardware Raspberry pi 4 : Since 01/01/2020 the EasyDK software will work in priority on Raspberry pi 4.

- The Phygital Signage Qr code block is an additional option to be subscribed on the cloud platform (mobile control).

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