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EasyDK offers many features to improve your digital signage

Switch to digital signage with Easy DK

Create, broadcast, share thanks to the innovative digital signage solution

Create a connection between your business and your customers with our EasyDK box. Connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to your screen with just one click.



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Our EasyDK box

A box allowing you to broadcast your content from your smartphone, tablet, computer to your screen. Never find yourself without content to broadcast thanks to programming.

Our application linked to our corporate communication solution

An application linked to our digital signage solution is accessible from anywhere. From any device (tablet, computer, smartphone ...) Thus, you have the possibility of creating your own content from existing templates or then, create your own 100%. In addition, you can schedule your content distribution, communication ... thanks to our intelligent process.

Your screen, always animated thanks to our corporate solution

With streaming, scheduled, your screens are always active . In fact, you develop customer proximity thanks to our solution.

What does our different subscription plans include for your business digital signage solution?

The annual subscription to our platform includes:

- Access to the platform available on all your devices

- Provision of the player

- Creation of user accounts

- Collaborative management

- Unlimited number of content broadcast

- Use of content creation templates

- Automatic updates and new features

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How does our digital signage solution work?

1 - Create your content from our application. So, whether you want to import your already existing content or you want to create new ones, anything is possible. Liven up your screen with our digital signage solution with the content you want.

2 - Schedule the broadcast of your content. Thanks to our digital signage solution, you can schedule on a regular basis. Over several days, several weeks, throughout an event ...

3 - Post. Captivate. To do this, connect EasyDK to your screen and share your content. With just one click, you're done.

4 - Share. Interact. Your customers see your content and can interact. As a result, you can set up different events to involve your customers.

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The advantages of the EasyDK enterprise display solution

Automation of your display scenarios: you create, you program, you broadcast. No broadcast limit: all media can be broadcast. No creative constraints: everything is possible: texts, images, videos, updated dynamic feeds ... So, create whatever you want. Get all your content with just one click on all your favorite platforms. Interaction with your target audience.

The general advantages of a enterprise display solution

The advantages of using a dynamic display

Easily and quickly multiply the number of messages With the features of our digital signage solution, you are able to broadcast several messages. Video, image, text ... you can choose the type of format you want. Therefore, it is an effective way for a company to enrich and simplify communication.

Update information quickly

For several years, information has circulated at high speed. Businesses must keep pace with the evolution of technology to remain competitive. Indeed, whether it is for text integration, information gathering or other purposes, broadcasting becomes easy and fast with dynamic audiovisual communication and screens.

Adapt information in real time

With communication via dynamic company signage, you can set up a programming schedule. You have the possibility to adapt the information disseminated in real time. For example, do you have a store and need to advertise a flash sale for a few hours? This is possible with screen communication. You just have to put this information in the broadcast loop and set the broadcast time. But what you will never find: interaction with your audience. For that, opt for EasyDK!

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