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EasyCare digital CSR format

Don't throw anything away,
we recover and recondition your Easy DK

We reprogram the Easy DK by integrating educational material, your personal data are completely erased from your digital signage player.

Once reconditioned, the products will then be used for learning, problem solving and fun in areas that need digital materials. We offer awareness and training to help more people access computers and digital media. As well as free resources to help with computer learning.

We support projects to make digital a tool for social progress. With a simple gesture, you can participate, devote how.

Or contact us !

EasyCare is a solidarity program that allows you to recycle and share

Academy of creation and scientific awakening : Bringing children in contact with technology around the world


Presse article

Younoussa SANFO - Burkina Faso :
Easy Care Methods and Development Manager

- Promoter of the Academy of Creation and Scientific Awakening - Expert in cybersecurity and digital investigations - Judicial Expert to the Courts of Burkina Faso.

Testimony of younoussa :
"In ten days, the result is incredible; the children have hidden talents and we know how to help them express them".

Accueil et Partage Approved Organization :
Help from schools or shelters.


Supports the training and education of children in Ethiopia, Haiti and Madagascar through sponsorships for schooling from kindergarten to the end of secondary school. Within the framework of Easy Care, the association Accueil et Partage takes care of logistics and human resources in the destination countries.

Web site Accueil et partage