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5 good reasons to use EasyDK for digital signage


Our objective is to accompany the digital transformation of companies and the digitalization of points of sale. Digital signage has become an essential aspect of any marketing and sales strategy..

Despite the stakes, select a wireless digital signage solution may seem complicated today. Indeed it is necessary to choose between the technical characteristics and the services offered. There are so many existing products and especially too many complex, technical and opaque offers.

Discover 5 good reasons to use EasyDK, the new innovative digital signage solution.

#1 :  Stay free, EasyDK does not impose you any commitment.

EasyDK is the display solution the most transparent on the market. Indeed, once your package EasyDK purchased on our website, you actually have the many features purchased.

No need to buy a complementary product to make it work, we deliver a plug and play product. No hidden subscription that appears 12 months later... you can freely upgrade your EasyDK monitor according to your changing needs (memory, support, screens...).

The EasyDK PRO package offers a two-hour telephone training in order to better handle the Manager and the PRO functions. 

#2 : Benefit from an unparalleled price/quality ratio

2 Packages and 3 Extensions, your choice is quick and easy. And yet with EasyDK you benefit from a connected solution agile digital display and at the forefront of innovation.

Revolutionize the customer experience
Your digital signage screens become interactive with the contactless passenger remote control. From their smartphones, your customers will interact with your digital signage screens and thus better discover your content.

Control your screens from your smartphone
With the mobile application IOS and Androïd EasyDK, you control your professional screens from your smartphone, as simply as with a Google Chromcast. the real-time visualization solution included in EasyDK.

#3 : Start your signage project quickly

With EasyDK your display project becomes simple
Connect the HDMI box to a screen then connect it to the internet (ethernet, wifi, 4G/5G key) to drive your screens from the cloud, or from the EasyDK mobile application.

No frills, simple, effective and complete
Our programs allow you to quickly achieve your goals from the simplest to the most complex: Photo or video galleries / Url web or video feeds (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion web TV channels ...) / Twitter feeds / Waze traffic information / Simple poster or Showtime / Creation of your multimedia mailing lists, without limits / Portrait or landscape mode.
Retrouvez une description plus complète des fonctionnalités ici

#4: Programmed anti-obescence

EasyDK is made to evolve with you
EasyDK has been thought and designed to help and accompany the evolution of the needs of companies, small or large. We work daily to offer you the best digital signage solution on the market in the best possible conditions.

EasyDK, a complete solution that continues to grow
You are not dreaming, without changing the box you will evolve your communication solution on screen EasyDigitalKey! We wish to bring you always more solutions to better accompany the evolution of your needs.

#5 : EasyDK an eco (and) responsible innovation

Cheaper, more economical and more secure
40% less budget than a touch screen
20% less power consumption than a touch screen
100% sanitary safety, 0 germ and 0 risk
100% savings on your screen-related sanitary maintenance budget

EasyDK commits with you
Reducing the environmental impact of e-waste and increasing the social impact of digital is our commitment. Do not hesitate to support us through the EasyCare program. Discover our values

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