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Innovative features of the EasyDK digital display

All your media transmitted on screen thanks to digital signage

Promote yourself by broadcasting relevant content and information in your store, on a booth, in a waiting room or through a window display. With EasyDK, everything is possible. Indeed, the digital signage solution is all in one. 

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EasyDK, the all-in-one digital signage and interactive display solution.

We have grouped together all the essential functions of digital signage with a consideration of the interaction of a community.

An innovative solution, due to the integration of an interaction function, between "the consumer" and the company, its ease of programming and management. An aspect, until now, never taken into account by any company's digital signage solution.

A digital solution that allows to overcome health problems with touch screens. Indeed, in this very particular context, we have studied the possibility of interacting "remotely".

This new dynamic and interactive digital signage technology is called the " Phygital Signage ® "

Screen broadcasting: Broadcast your content, whatever it is, on your screen. Thus, you can broadcast all types of content with a single click: Photos, Posters, Pdf, Videos, Streaming, Url, Feeds, RSS.

Programming: A programming made from the application (IOS Androïd), the time of an event, a day, a week...

Templates : Make your contents visible and develop your communication. You can also take advantage of a large database of templates. All pre-designed to help you. No need to be a graphic design professional !

Interaction: Give your customers an experience. Share. Promote. Interact. Wi-Fi (or not) : We have developed a system with Wi-Fi connection.

However, our box does not necessarily have to be connected to Wi-Fi, it also works offline.

Digital signage, now accessible to as many people as possible !

EasyDK's other innovation lies in the originality of its approach to the market. At Easy Digital Key you have the most innovative digital signage solution on the market, at the best price AND with no hidden commitments or renewals !

"More than anything else, we are committed to supporting the digital transformation of all companies, whatever their size or means... This is our biggest challenge and the basis of our commitment."

M.Mancel Co founder

Watch Smart Tech's Lab program presented by Cécilia Severi

Wednesday, March 10 at 11:45am and 2:45pm on B Smart TV and

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