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The world's most agile digital signage solution

Optimize your dynamic screens and interact with your customers at any time without contact.

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EasyDK, your dynamic screens become more Engaging.

And which allows, in a second time, a new mode of interaction to the customer who can interact in an instant from his smartphone with your screens and contents. Discover our "contactless" interactive technology, that offer secure mobile control and allows you to safely interact with any digital device with a simple scan.

Our screen selection

Due to COVID19 There are risks in case of direct contact with material located in public places

There is a strong interest in dynamic advertising screens being remotely controlled by contactless technology such as a smartphone or by voice command.

And more precisely, by any technology that aims to offer a substitute for touch screens. The objective is to preserve the added value of interaction and personalization offered by interactive technologies.

Benefit of EasyDK digital signage solution :

  • More specific information for the viewer

  • More people on the screens in once time

  • Better retention of the message

  • More integrated brand image that best fits the viewer and is consistent over all channels

digital signage screen

Personalization is not only achieved by interaction with a screen,the most important part comes from data processing; geolocation data and activated content are combined with e.g. product data, but also user profile data.


Touch screen and digital signage are combined !

More economic and health safety benefits :

  1. 40% savings compared to a touchscreen

  2. 20% reduction in power consumption compared to a touchscreen

  3. 100% safe no health risk, no germs and no risks

  4. 100% savings on your plumbing maintenance budget

About dynamic displays and EasyDK

With Easy key the personalization is not only realized by the interaction with an advertising display, the most important part comes from the data processing; geolocation data and activated contents are combined with e.g. product data, but also data about the user profile.

QRcode on dynamic digital display screen

EasyDK digital signage solution

"Our digital signage solution gives you the opportunity to place your visitor at the center of your communication. With our signage technology, the customer is free to choose the content he wants to see, to read"

EasyDK digital signage, how does it work ?

Our communication and digital signage advertising tool is composed of : a player that connects to the TV sets, a QR Code allowing to connect the smartphone of the passers/prospects/customers to the dynamic screens. Thus, with our innovation of use we manage to obtain a stronger interactivity between customers and advertisers. It is finally about better valuing the contents, the products, but also about proposing a better experience for the users.

The health context is driving us to rethink media, relationships, interactions and experiences. To achieve this, we need to rethink all our social interactions in light of this new context. Clearly, EasyDK, the phygital display advertising solution, succeeds in offering new perspectives to digital signage.

EasyDK is a solution that connects to a dynamic advertising display screen

Above all, EasyDK is an innovative marketing technology for billboards. Indeed, our digital signage solution proposes functionalities perfectly adapted to the health context of the last months.

Clearly, COVID-19 imposes to re-invent the customer experience in the public space, especially regarding interaction methods. Indeed, we are responding to the health challenges, while creating added value to the user experience, as well as technical value to the management of classic giant or led screens.

We have invented the "chromecast ®" for professionals

Our technology called "Phygital Signage®" which allows multimedia content to live in a new way on digital screens. It is an update that significantly improves the capabilities of the advertising screen and its interest in many contexts.

The value of EasyDK as digital signage software

"With phygital signage your customers have the right to choose what they want to see on your digital signage screens. Having this possibility of action the chosen contents will also be watched with more attention. The fact that you are offering another digital signage experience".

It is undeniable that digital signage combined with interaction makes the visitor more captive and receptive to information. By thus inciting the passer-by to participate, you will enhance your brand image even more!

Finally, our "Phygital signage" technology allows a tactile interaction with a display screen...without touching it :

  1. 1. It's simple, your visitors connect to the digital screens from their smartphone, the contents are thus made available to them in a few seconds.

  2. 2. Then, once the customer is away from the screen, it automatically resumes its classic digital signage mode.

The stakes of dynamic display screens in 2021

The health context prompts us to rethink supports, relationships, interactions and experiences. To do so, we need to rethink all our social interactions in light of this new context. Clearly, EasyDK, the display advertising solution, succeeds in offering de new perspectives to digital signage by involving mobile devices.


EasyDK is the solution for renewing dynamic screens.

Above all, EasyDK is an innovative marketing technology intended for billboards type digital out of home or for internal communication. Indeed, our digital signage solution offers functionalities perfectly adapted to the health context of the last few months.

Clearly, COVID-19 requires re-inventing the customer experience in the public space in the commercial center, for example, particularly with respect to interaction methods. Indeed we respond to the health issues, while creating added value to the user experience, as well as technical value to the management of classic giant screens or led.

dynamic display screens

Choose between interactive and dynamic display

The objective of these two digital signage technologies is the same: Inform and promote.
Digital signage in the common space is a necessary and easy to use change, it is within everyone's reach.

It is obvious that interactive screens are essential to our lives and daily activities. But the COVID context shows us that the hygiene and maintenance of screens is a constraint that will have to be solved to benefit once again from the advantages of touch screens in public areas.

However, interactive displaysalso offer the possibility of more scripted and playful communication. Therefore, a touch screen allows to better inform by personalizing the user experience. This interaction also allows for more impactful on-screen communication.

"Customers interact with a digital touch screen display with more attention. This offers the possibility of a renewed and more emotional display advertising experience"

Indeed, the touch interactivity, encourages the user to get involved in real time, far beyond a simple digital signage.

EasyDK is a revolution allowing the creation of "contactless" screens that can be used remotely, without heavy hardware investments

Nowadays, touchscreens are popular, they allow us to interact with the world, most of us use them several times a day. Banks, restaurants, restaurants, public transportation, stores, and many other industries all use touchscreens to improve the customer experience, increase productivity, and diversify their services.

The EasyDK interactive screen technology, solves the health problems..

- Imagine your visitors and customers being able to manipulate your screens... without touching them. Although it may seem like science fiction, EasyDK has already developed this technology. In fact, EasyDK's Phygital Signage technology allows you to take control of a screen in a few seconds just by scanning a QRcode !

- From then on, you develop another value for your digital signage screen, from now on its function will not be only to inform. More precisely, your visitors will be able to activate from their smarthones all the contents made available. It is the ideal interactive display solution to create a customer experience, mixing gaming and scripting.

- For example, imagine a giant contest game in the window of your store, involving an information screen offering a personalized experience without contact and from a distance. Passers-by will stop in front of your window to have fun and discover your branded content. Or imagine giving the opportunity to broadcast quality information, in a waiting area or on your booth during a trade show... everything is possible with the contactless interactive display screen !

For 2021, choose the best post-covid-19 interactive communication solution

Beyond health considerations, EasyDK "phygital signage" answers above all to the strategic challenges of communication and innovation of companies through dynamic display screens.

Indeed, EasyDK and its "Phygital Signage" solution allows to avoid contacts with the screen and to interact with a display screen in an astonishing way: as from a sidewalk through a shop window and even remotely, up to 20m!

This new technology of interactivity, uses intelligent algorithms, AI, which can predict the content corresponding to the user's target.

Need new communication tools, use digital signage

You are not yet equipped with a digital signage solution?

Choose EasyDK because it is definitely the new approach of digital signage advertising.

Our solution of dynamic advertising display is open source, so we allow our customers to open a fork and thus make their digital signage solution evolve in autonomy !
EasyDK combines the advantages of open source and open hardware to offer one of the most agile digital signage advertising solutions in the world.

The digital signage is becoming more and more popular and must adapt to the budgetary stakes of each small or large company. In fact, an in-store advertising display has even become indispensable, but even today signage can still put off the least digitalized structures.

In the war of digital signage solution, EasyDK is positioned as the most accessible and innovative solution at the same time, EasyDK is the simple digital signage for all.

You are already equipped with a digital signage screen ?

Don't forget that the EasyDK signage solution is "plug and play". This ease of connection allows you to keep your current digital signage solution. No need to change screen, just plug the EasyDK connected box in HDMI and in a few seconds your digital signage screen is ready to use!

To attract attention with your billboards opt for phygital signage technology for your digital communication on any type of screen.

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