In 10 minutes,
transform your Raspberry Pi
into a cloud-media player.

EasyDK is open source software that installs on your RaspberryPi.
It offers smooth and scalable performance with synchronization of your content in the cloud.
Use your Android device, iPhone® or laptop,
to stream content or play content from your phone.



Imagine your TV freely.

Connect Easy DK to your screen, view and control the content on your screen from your smartphone.


Share your passions live.

Install your photo frame at home and with your loved ones to share all your media: photos, videos, streaming streams.


Play your music.

Connect Easy DK to your speakers and listen to your music playlists from youtube, spotify or other platforms.


Store your media.

Synchronize your multimedia content in the cloud and on a hard drive, access your media faster.


All the features


Live streaming (New)

Look at all the streaming platforms. Launch your live videos and control them, with your smartphone.


BLE / IP remote control

With EasyDK all your screens become connected. From your smartphone drive, add, change your content.


2GB cloud-media offered

Back-up your media, launch your content remotely, personalize your screen, control one or more EasyDKs from the cloud.



Your screens become photo frames. Random slideshow, or manual activation, now look at your photos on large screens.



Store your favorite videos on your cloud space. Content will be automatically synced to all your RaspberryPi.



Import PDFs, DOCs or XLS into your cloud. Drive and read, with one click: Zoom, scroll by page... View and share your documents.


Cloud album

Save your favorite videos and photos with descriptive texts. Create interactive pages to share with your tribe.


License and storage

Is your project developing ? Increase your à la carte capacities : your EasyDK evolves as you need them.


Dynamic display (PRO)

EasyDK allows you to manage a network of connected screens remotely. From the management interface, deploy your media on 1 or more screens according to the desired times.


Remote office (PRO)

The AnyDesk plugin guarantees IT professionals and mobile individuals secure and reliable connections to remote offices.


Add-Ons (PRO)

Upgrade EasyDK according to your personal or professional needs by adding your modules to the many functions already available.

EasyDK is supplied without any media. Users must provide their own content or manually point EasyDK to third-party online services from the cloud. The EasyDK project does not offer any support for the management of streaming platforms.