Use EasyDK Bêta and create your own cloud media platform !

Are you looking for a solution to manage your media as a professional or individual ?
Do you want to create your product as a service provider or just watch your media as a user? Use the free cloud-media platform.


Live streaming (New)

With EasyDK, launch videos from the best streaming platforms in one click. Watch your videos on-line or live and control the main parameters with your smartphone.


Media Player

Store your best videos from your smartphone and watch them on the big screen. From your mobile upload your media from your cloud space or locally and launch videos with your smartphone.


Video album

EasyDK allows you to create an illustrated video album, keep your favorite local videos and streaming! Save your content and illustrate your album with descriptive texts and photos for family viewing.



Store your photos like on a hard drive. Import images into the library from your smartphone, or from your computer. Then browse in full screen, the different views with a single click or launch a random slideshow.



Import .pdf, .doc or.xls files into your library then browse the different documents and read them in full screen with one click. Zoom, rotate, scroll by page .. from your smartphone control and view your documents on the big screen.


2GB cloud-media offered

Control EasyDK remotely using the cloud platform. Deploy your media, launch your content automatically, personalize your design, control one or more EasyDK at the same time. Create your free member account.


BLE / IP remote control

Your smartphone becomes a remote control for RaspberryPi and allows you to control, add and modify the content visible on the screen. Connect to EasyDK by wifi or bluetooth, alone or with others, to take control of your connected screen.


7 "Wireless touch screen

With our open source touch display, you can imagine a large number of applications, both professional and personal: Photo frame, terminal for reception desks, room management, video / music interface, control monitor ...


Wireless external hard drive

Free yourself from constraints with EasyDK Wireless mobile storage. Enjoy your multimedia content and access your files without cluttering up cables and the Internet. Store your media and watch it directly on the big screen!

EasyDK is supplied without any media. Users must provide their own content or manually point EasyDK to third-party online services from the cloud. The EasyDK project does not offer any support for the management of streaming platforms.

Use case 

smart TV
Smart TV
Connect EasyDK to your classic TV screen or another screen, to get a smart TV that can be controlled from your smartphone.
Touch screen
EasyDK works perfectly with touch interfaces. Easily create a customized reception and information terminal.
Connected totem
Integrate EasyDK into your object to create an interactive sculpture, use the LED management function to make your creation shine.
A social network for sharing on the big screen
Offer EasyDK to your tribe to exchange your content on large screens. Up to 3 EasyDK per account, free of charge.
Connected photo frame
Re-visit the concept of the connected photo frame, according to your tastes. Imagine a tailor-made and innovative connected gift.
A secure internet access point
Install EasyDK with a screen, keyboard and mouse to deploy a Wi-Fi or 4G internet access point, restricted to specific uses.
Dynamic display (PRO)
EasyDK allows you to manage a network of connected screens remotely. From the management interface, deploy your media on 1 or more screens according to the desired times. The cloud network is completely secure in SSL / TLS.
Remote office (PRO)
Connect to a remote computer, whether on the other side of the desk or the other side of the world. the AnyDesk plugin guarantees IT professionals and mobile individuals secure and reliable connections to remote offices.
Add-Ons (PRO)
The real strength of EasyDK comes from the ease and the vast capacity for implementing additional modules. Upgrade EasyDK according to your personal or professional needs by adding your modules to the many functions already available.
Imagine your own creation
With EasyDK Create your own application freely. You are a company, take part in one of our python training workshops.