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The Phygital Signage is an interactive dynamic display solution that encourages passers-by, exposed to screens, to interact with the advertiser brand from their smartphone.

Your audience will freely activate the multimedia content available on the screens. The interaction created thus allows better valuation and stronger memorization of your content.


Retail Store Windows and Retail :
more interactions, more impact, more memorization.


The Phygital Signage breaks down the boundaries of classic dynamic display by allowing your audience to be an actor and interact with your screens from their smartphones, in a few seconds.

Your screens are alive! Interactivity helps to better retain the attention of customers and passing on your products. Go well beyond simple looping displays, create a new experience using rich scripting, the memorization of your messages will be increased tenfold!

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Waiting rooms and reception areas:
quality information adapted to each visitor.


The Phygital Signage offers a new way of informing your visitors and customers in the waiting room or in the reception areas. It's simple, you allow your audience to choose the right information from the content you offer.

The information is chosen by the visitor from his smartphone, which increases his attention. Go well beyond simple information screens or the simple television channel, create a new experience, the transmission of your information will be optimized.

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