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Communicate with the EasyDK digital signage solution

A simple box, allows you to transform any screen into a digital signage solution.

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The digital signage solution as a communication tool

Nowadays, digital signage is a lever of growth for the company. Indeed, digital signage is an extremely powerful communication tool. It makes it possible to carry out a 360° communication.

Consequently, with our system of dynamic display all the points of contacts are activated.

There are many advantages to use a platform or a dynamic display software. We have studied them all to realize our dynamic display solution.

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The screen system for "classic" digital signage

We find it more and more. Indeed, digital signage is multiplying because of its positive impact. It can be found in a store, a company restaurant, a reception hall, a waiting room, a point of sale, etc.

Dynamic display screens are an effective communication medium. They allow indeed to diffuse information to the public in the form of multimedia content. This content can be images, videos or even web pages. These supports are perfect for corporate communication and can be installed indoor or outdoor, with or without touch screen or speakers. They offer your target group an optimal image quality for the viewing of spots.

It is mainly found in points of sale. Its main purpose is to improve the user experience. Indeed, consumers all have a way of retaining information: photographs, texts, videos...

By multiplying the points of contact with the consumer, you multiply the chances of sales. It is a digital media strategy that has proven itself. Indeed, it is a very popular tool in the field of marketing, communication, visual and advertising.

It can have different names such as public display, digital signage or out of home TV.

The operation of digital signage is based on the following elements: the content to be broadcast, the content manager, the network infrastructure and the display screen used. The media player. You will be able to manage videos or images on the dynamic display screen.

We have designed the digital signage software taking into account all your needs: ease of use, reactivity...

Use digital signage to deliver advertising and information to as many people as possible

Drive from 1 to 1000 screens from the nail with our digital signage solution. Indeed, EasyDK is an innovative, simple and cheap digital signage software ideal to communicate on one or more screens.

All features

EasyDK the innovative display screen

EasyDK is a communication tool, an innovation for digital signage

We have designed the most agile digital signage software in the world taking into account all your needs: ease of use, responsiveness ...  But above all, we took into account the stakes related to the health context and the changes that result from it. We understood that the customer relationship will never be the same again and that it is necessary to reinvent it to broadcast messages. 

Applications of contactless

The EasyDK digital signage system.

A revolutionary box, an application allowing the diffusion of all your interactive contents from your phone. While leaving the possibility to your customers to take over the display.

- A communication at the heart of your events
- Interaction with your customers
- Easy to manage, create and distribute
- We tell you more...

The digital display solution: the EasyDK player

EasyDK combines the classic digital display with the touch screen

  • - Enable use with a strong customer focus: develop proximity and interaction. Indeed, thanks to our digital signage software, your customers can take over to find the information they want.

  • - Involve your customers or your prospects. For example, with contests. Each person will be able to participate in your game, customer or not. We could easily compare this solution to the interaction of a community on social networks.

  • - Enable automation and programming over the long term. The preparation of your conferences and trade shows in one go.

  • - Ease of use and pre-designed content. We decided to create a simple digital media. Your only need: a screen, a smartphone and the EasyDK box !

  • - An innovative and attractive application: from the application, program everything you want and create your visuals.

You are probably wondering questions about the use of digital signage ?

We will guide you and answer your questions in our FAQ.

The necessary tools

- One screen (any size)

- A smartphone, computer or remote control (The application as a web platform is included to realize your contents)

- An internet connection, Wi-Fi (can be used without Wi-Fi)

Multimedia content management software is included in the EasyDK application.
So, you choose your contents to broadcast, you program them and that's it.

Who is our digital signage system for ?

You are a professional :

Professional in events :
you put forward a communication on your screens,
you involve your customers, you broadcast information with a display digital ...

Organizer of trade shows :
you multiply the points of attraction with your visitors, you set up an organization such as scheduled conferences. Remind your customers of this information in real time.

A store or a commercial gallery :
you realize contests, you put forward promotions...

A company :
You need to disseminate updated information during conferences, seminars, internal communication...