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Discover EasyDK :


Activate your perpetual raspberry pi digital signage cloud-media license

After the publication of the open source code, we propose today a more stable format on the long term and which allows the EasyDK project to keep its total freedom, the perpetual license.

Perpetual license is a permanent transfer of rights on the purchased EasyDK player/Box.

Therefore we assure you to keep the permanent use of the EasyDK without the need of a subscription.

Digital signage with Raspberry pi the easiest of the market

French Raspberry pi projects, the EasyDK digital signage solution

Simplify your raspberry pi projects use the most agile digital signage solution on the market to turn raspberry os into nas raspberry pi whether you are an expert or noobs.

What can the EasyDK digital signage solution do?

To see the video, click here

EasyDK is a digital display solution that allows you to transform raspberry pi into raspberry touch screen in raspberry media center or in nas raspberry pi 4 as proposed by osmc on raspberry pi 4 or raspberry pi 3.

With EasyDK raspberry pi comes a raspberry media center allowing to drive a dynamic screen or a digital display for the digital in store or a digital display screen for internal communication. This solution allows you to overcome the problem of the touch screen like a raspberry chromecast !

Now your raspberry projects such as the creation of a digital signage screen or a raspberry pi media center with a management system similar to screenly.

Discover our raspberry tutorials in video to create dynamic signage software to manage your business digital signage. The EasyDK cloud solution is free, up to two machines ... yes, you read that correctly EasyDK allows you to create a free digital signage system for small-scale use.

It's simple EasyDK software is easy download software it's the best method to create a nas with raspberry pi nas as a server with the minimum of raspberry programming.

You can easily obtain a display advertising display by associating in HDMI a raspberry pi screen or raspberry pi touch screen ideal for point-of-sale advertising.

How the raspberry cloud works as a cloud media server

Let yourself be carried away, it's easy to create a raspberry dynamic display, as explained earlier, just install raspbian on sd card and use the EasyDK application (a bit like chromcast) to obtain a multimedia platform .

You can then synchronize your media from the cloud to obtain a dynamic POS allowing you to optimize point-of-sale advertising or your store window screen.

The solution is also compatible with nec display screens which integrates the raspberry compute module and offers the same simplicity of raspberry pi configuration such as the ssh raspberry connection and digital download!

A digital signage display is useful at home in your sofa or business at the point of sale as a digital store display or dynamic display window. It is now proven that digital billboards optimize the store customer journey.

Do you have any questions about raspberry programming?

Contact us to discuss the technical subject of your choice

The raspberry boutique dynamic display system
- The raspberry pi compute module
- ssh raspberry connection
- raspberry pi configuration
- install raspbian on sd card

Or you simply need information to program the raspberry mini pc with the EasyDKmediacenter software or to exchange on raspberry pi static ip or on the raspberry hotspot.