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Function of dynamic digital signage made by EASYDK

ViVid  /  Phygital Signage / Showtime  / Manager

the remote control passage for contactless screens

Phygital Signage / Touchless innovation

Renew the customer experience

The Phygital Signage is a convenient and secure solution that allows passers-by to take control of your screens without touching them..

The operation is simple, by scanning a QR code from a smartphone, the passer-by will be able to take control of the screen and activate the available contents.

Our touchless technologyOrder EasyDK

ViVid / Modular digital signage

The base pedestal ViVid offers you a wide choice of independent components for your portrait or landscape displays.

The modularity of ViVid combined with cloud management gives you everything you need to manage any display project, from the simplest to the most complex :

    • Media Gallery : photos, videos

    • Weborama : Url's web in loops (fixed page, rss feed, Xml)

    • Double Url's : Two urls displayed on the same page

    • Streaming: video or audio streams (video, broadcasts, radio...)

    • Traffic information (waze, google map)

    • News information (twitter)

    • Two formats "posters" with scrolling sentence

    • Works in landscape or portrait format

All the functionalities of the EasyDK digital signage solution
cloud digital signage solution

The Cloud

Cloud management in Easy mode

From your cloud space you can manage your media and settings, the minimalist and no-frills interface ensures you get up and running quickly. Your EasyDK player synchronizes in real time with your cloud.

  • Opening command : define the module that will be launched automatically

  • Media Upload: upload your photos, videos, etc

  • Parameterize your content: web url, waze or google map, tweeter feeds

  • Design management: Image and color backgrounds, logo, QR code, scrolling phrase

  • Create and operate the controls for the passenger remote control

Even more display functions available

portrait and landscape digital signage

 Showtime  / The dynamic template

Le template Showtime offers you a standardized communication format to communicate and display your information.

Adaptable to your portrait or landscape screens Showtime  is the ideal solution for providing structured global information.

- 1 template including: photos, videos, logo, scrolling sentence
- 1 modular zone to broadcast a la carte content

- Weborama
- Traffic info (waze, google map)
- News (twitter)

- Background color controllable from the cloud
- Works in portrait or portrait format

Dynamic display manager

Manager / Simplify your life

With the programming solution you can easily manage the distribution of your content over a week or a month.. Easy.

Facilitate your digital signage by organizing the distribution of your content on the Manager. In the blink of an eye look at your calendar to ensure the quality of your broadcast.

- Create your mailing lists: duration and type of media (photos, videos, web url, waze or google map, tweeter feeds)

- Schedule the diffusion of your lists: start and end of diffusion (days and hours), schedule several contents and visualize them on your calendar.

(+) With the add-on module Poster create dynamic posters