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Function of dynamic digital signage made by EASYDK

Showtime the dynamic template for your digital screens

 Showtime  / The dynamic template

Adaptable to your portrait or landscape screens, Showtime is the ideal solution for providing structured global information :

- 1 template including: photos, videos, logo, scrolling phrase
- 1 modular area to allow user interaction

Manager choose precisely the date and time of the broadcast of your content

Manager /
 Facilitate your dynamic display by organizing the distribution of your content 

With the programming solution manager you can easily manage the distribution of your content over a week or a month :

- Create your mailing lists: duration and type of media.
- Schedule the distribution of your lists: start and end of distribution.
- The scrolling sentence manager completes the offer and allows an extremely efficient personalized reception.

cloud digital signage solution

Cloud management

From your cloud space you can manage your media and your screens, on your computer or on the mobiel Ios and Androïd application. 

-Opening command : define the module that will be launched automatically
- Media Upload
- Design management: Image and color backgrounds, logo, QR code, scrolling phrase
+ Business software gateway : Automate the distribution of your content from your software

vivid modular digital signage

ViVid / Modular digital signage

ViVid offers you a wide choice of components for your landscape or portrait displays :

- Media gallery: photos, videos
- Url : Url in loops, 2 urls on the same page
- Streaming : Video or audio streams
- Traffic information (waze, google map)
- News information (twitter)

the remote control passage for contactless screens

Phygital Signage /
Innovation that boosts the customer experience

The Phygital Signage is a convenient and secure solution that allows passers-by to take control of your screens without touching them..

The operation is simple, by scanning a QR code from a smartphone, the passer-by will be able to take control of the screen and activate the available contents.

Our touchless technologyOrder EasyDK


 / La solution la plus avantageuse pour valoriser vos biens immobiliers en vitrine et en agence.

Publiez vos annonces sans éfforts et sans abonnement !

La technologie EasyDK IMMO+ est unique sur le marché, c'est la seule technologie d'affichage sui fonctionne locallement sans internet et qui vous permet ainsi des économies imcomparables.