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Cloud : 2GB free


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1 year warranty

EasyDK Maker - PRO OS - Software without hardware

VAT included

Installation EasyDK OS PRO x2

Install a command line version a complete installation of the EasyDK OS operating system and its applications  

Manager for Digital Signage or Kiosk

Compatibility :
- Raspbian Buster - Raspberry pi 4
- Raspberry Pi OS with desktop

Minimum storage 8GB (SD 16gb recommended)
System bootable on SD flash

List of applications :
- ViVid : digital signage without programming
- Phygital Signage: contactless interactivity
- Cloud management + Mobile application
- Programmable scrolling sentence

Display PRO :

Scheduling module Manager (+)
+ Composite Module ShowTime (+)
+ Vidéos HD / Ultra HD

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How does it work?

After your purchase you will receive by email your codes and orders to deploy EasyDK on your RaspberryPi 4 in less than 1 hour (order between 9am and 8pm).

The codes will remain active for 7 days and valid for a raspberry PI 4.

Email support is available to guide you.