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logo Easycare le digitale solidaire with EasyDK

Reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, increase the social impact of digital.

Our convictions

We are convinced that digital transformation is the key to opening up a way for many countries to develop rapidly by solving complex problems on a daily basis.
We believe that by giving children, schools and communities access to digital equipment and training, we will give them the ability to solve the problems that concern them now and train them for the professions of the future.

That's why we're committed to putting digital technologies in the hands of people everywhere. To help them understand and learn technology. In this way, we participate in the education of the youth of our increasingly technological world.


Together, let's build a fairer and more innovative world.

ENSEMBLE c'est possible de changer les mentalités pour changer le monde 

1/ Fighting the digital divide in the world and ensuring that countries can take full advantage of the potential of the digital revolution for development.

In a world increasingly dominated by information and communication technologies, this persistent digital divide could exacerbate inequalities and create a new class of "digital poor". To avoid this scenario, countries are working to intensify their efforts to achieve universal broadband access and give people the skills and resources they need to participate fully in the digital economy.

2/ To improve the situation regarding waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

In 2016, the world produced 44.7 million tons of WEEE, i.e. 4,500 Eiffel Tower. Each human being produces more than 6 kilos per year and this figure, up by nearly 5% compared to 2014, is expected to grow by nearly 7% by 2021. However, the report points out that only 20% of the metals contained in WEEE pass through official recycling channels.

2 ways to get involved in the Easy Care action.

1/ Make a gesture

1/ Make a gesture

Easy, after 12 months, we recover and recycle your Easy Digital Key and turn them into mini computers. You can also return accessories to us: wireless or wired keyboard mice, PC screens, TVs.

For each product shipped you get a 10% discount to replace it.

With this gesture :

- You act for a greener economy.
- You can benefit from a new product while limiting your ecological impact.


2/ Make a donation

2/ Make a donation

1/ You buy your Easy Digital Key by adding the Easy Care option  (+ 50€)*
2/ You use your digital key and get 10% on the next one.
3/ We recover and withdraw your digital key, which will be used by schools, academies, associations, families through our two partner associations.

Advantages of your donation :

- Action of sustainable development.
- 66% tax deductions (60% for companies).

*Support of recovery, processing, repackaging and shipping costs by DHL.

Join the adventure !