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Easy Digital Key digital signage application

EasyDK signage signage on iOS & Android

Easily create and cast photo, video or poster slideshows in seconds. Get direct access to billions of streaming videos from the best platforms.


What is a cloud digital signage software ?

Display software allows you to easily control what is displayed on your dynamic screens. It is a simple digital signage solution that allows you to create and control your content on one or more screens. From anywhere.

Easy an agile digital signage solution

With the EasyDK digital signage solution, from a web browser, you can create, plan and broadcast your content on one or more screens. EasyDK is a very simple solution accessible to all employees simultaneously : communication, marketing, digital or even content manager teams.

A digital signage software helps you to reach your business objectives

Improve corporate communication

Share important information and data about your business with screens that connect to your company data and social media. Learn more

Increase sales

Stimulate sales with screens that display your latest offers, showcase your products and promote your brand. Learn more


Get in touch with your customers by showing them information that is important to them, including prices and reviews. Read more


EasyDK IOS or androïd a multiplatform digital signage solution

The mobile application version of the EASYDK digital signage software allows you more easily than ever to put meaningful content on any screen, from your smartphone. Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world from your sartphone.

You control your digital signage more easily !/h3>

- Upload your photos or videos directly from the field

- Edit your content on the go

- Control and program your EasyDK Player

EasyDK is a phygital signage software

The digital signage software in phygital mode

Beyond the management software interface and the IOS and Androïd mobile application, the player Easy digital key offers a third control interface. But unlike a classic digital signage solution, Easy KEY allows a third interface, totally dedicated to the passengers. The added value of this software function is phygital interaction, which allows any person in front of a screen controlled by the EasyDK player to take control of it in a few seconds.

Video of the digital signage solution EasyDK


- Display promotions on the point of sale display windows

- Inform about the products, the company

- Give access to a la carte information and content