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EasyDK Player/Box perpetual unit license

What is it ?

Perpetual license is a permanent transfer of rights on the purchased EasyDK player/Box.

Therefore we assure you to keep the permanent use of the EasyDK without the need of a subscription.

The perpetual license of your digital signage system covers :
- The EasyDK player (Software of the box except hardware*)
- Cloud software and mobile application

Operation of the perpetual license ?

In the first place, the transfer of ownership is definitively carried out by the deed of purchase.

In other words, the EasyDK purchased is yours.
No subscription will be proposed or imposed to you to keep your product working !

In other words, once the price has been paid and the copy of the software delivered in working order in accordance with its user documentation, the licensee can no longer obtain from the publisher to terminate the license and obtain a refund of all or part of the price.

Second, the license is attached to the copy of the open source software with which it is sold. Thus, the right of use granted to the licensee only applies to this single copy: the licensee only has the right to use the purchased copy of the open source software.

The licensee does not benefit from the mere fact of the license of any right to the provision of ancillary services, such as maintenance services, and in particular the provision of new versions of the software by the publisher.

No subscription, no contract and no obsolescence !

Fight against programmed obsolescence

Software is a product that is subject to extremely rapid obsolescence due to changing technologies and needs.

The average life cycle of a software today is between 2 and 5 years. This very limited duration results from the real obsolescence of the software (technologies are evolving faster and faster).

Our commitment against software obsolescence :
Update your cloud and mobile software automatically at no cost.

With the update patch you have the software update codes at your disposal so that you can update the software whenever you want and not change the Hardware.

And if the hardware ends up becoming obsolete you can use our RSE Easy Care program to renew your hardware and recondition your old player !

Maintenance : non-mandatory extensions 

Maintenance is by nature an obligation of successive performance over time. In this sense, maintenance can in no way derive from the so-called perpetual license.

As explained above, a sale cannot carry with it any obligation for the seller to perform successively. Maintenance constitutes an additional service, which is not attached to the so-called perpetual license.