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"Your communication deserves the best display screen technology"

Our role is to provide you with outstanding display solutions

After an in-depth study of the market, we have chosen Sharp NEC Display Solutions as our partner for digital signage displays. This choice underlines our high quality standards and underlines our ambition to be the leader in the transformation of the digital signage market. 

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To accelerate your digital transformation, we have chosen the best quality digital display screen available on the market with the Sharp NEC Display Solutions brand range.

EasyDK is the most agile and innovative digital signage solution in the world and to guarantee this agility we rely on the best display advertising screen technology.

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Range of high quality digital signage screens

Digital Signage Sharp NEC Display Solutions, innovation, efficiency, technical expertise

Whatever your display advertising needs, with the Sharp NEC Display Solutions range we have the right product for you. To date, Sharp NEC Display Solutions offers the most comprehensive solution-oriented portfolio on the market with more than 1.5 million large-format displays produced and delivered worldwide.

NEC is the guarantee of a know-how and a real vision, moreover 9/10 of the main financial institutions in Europe use NEC screens. And more than 125,000 fast food outlets in Europe use NEC displays.

These incredible figures reveal an expertise of more than 35 years, and an international presence. Sharp NEC Display Solutions is a company that has been able to innovate and convince with the quality of its digital signage solutions year after year.

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Dynamic Display Displays Sharp NEC Display & EasyDK

A common vision; achieving a higher level of customer service through technology.

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