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Easy DK, the mobile display solution that allows you to control communication on screens.

EasyDK is a interactive contactless solution dedicated to professional display projects . In this way, traders can finally easily promote their know-how in the store. They reassure and retain their customers by displaying their commitments and their unique professional identity through Easy key dynamic signage.

This is how the EasyDK mobile application, designed by the company MMPhygital, offers another vision of in-store communication. We offer an interactive contactless solution suitable for small businesses, 70% of which have yet to go digital by integrating screens. This is why we offer the 1st interactive contactless solution for merchant communication by responding to their business challenges, their human and time-based resources.

 Image presenting the simpler and more dynamic EasyDK retail display solution

The services of our connected dynamic display for your multimedia showcases:

• The publication of photos and videos in one click on one or more screens, from a smartphone.

• 2 in 1, automatic display on TV screen and screen control on mobile (qrcode) combined in a single application.

• Dynamic signage software with a year included, the selection of options à la carte, with no imposed tariff.

• A free and interactive solution that respects the choices and privacy of each user.

“For merchants and very small businesses, we simply solve the challenges of communication on screens in stores; such as daily updating of content on a display screen, simplified management of several dynamic screens, or centralization and transmission of content on digital screens, always up to date. We have created an intuitive, interactive contactless solution that centralizes all these services, in order to have a simple, efficient and effective point of sale solution ".

Easy DK allows a merchant to create their own videos, which they can display on their display screens and use them on a daily basis in their store. Also to create photo slideshows, which he can share with his customers in store via the same digital screen ...

Unlike a usb key or a centralized digital signage system, updates and content management for communication on screens are done directly on the smartphone in the store, or remotely, via the cloud. For example, a merchant can publish their content on their social networks and at the same time in their on-screen store with the digital signage solution!

Thus, Easy DK simplifies the sharing of passions and the management of digital communication.

 interactive display "phygital signage"

Example of digital signage technology in operation

Easy DK, an interactive contactless solution started during COVID19, which continues to grow ...

Following the release of the Easy key digital signage software in May 2020, we had around ten articles internationally attracting 300 professional beta testers registered on the cloud platform. Subsequently, the exchanges with beta-testers and merchants, strongly encouraged us to go further in meeting their needs.

After several months of development, our professional interactive solution is now available in the IOS and Android stores, in beta version. Its role is to simplify on-screen media delivery and engage shop customers, instead of the touchscreen.

Likewise, the QRCode function, which now seems to be well adopted by the general public, has been integrated into the project by serving as a bridge between the phone and the screen.
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In conclusion, the EasyDK media cloud application now makes it possible to easily create, schedule, save and share photos, videos, pdf, url, professional pages, press articles, social media, ..etc. Finally, EasyDK is a global and autonomous multimedia solution that will appeal to professionals looking for interactivity ... thus allowing the transformation of their communication, including the smartphone.

A solution to meet the need for digital signage in France.

First of all, in France, the advertising market is driven by dynamic signage in, in particular by the development of the dynamic advertising signage market or DOOH (digital out of home). Particularly by giant led advertising screens as well as digital totems as well as touch or interactive screens.

Digital signage is used in many sectors:

- POS (point-of-sale promotion) with all screens and led monitors installed in the store. They present the products / services or accompany the act of purchase, as in fast food chains for example.

- the informational display. That is, the use of digital screens to convey information and educate individuals. This is particularly the case with communal screens, or those used in business, in museums or university centers for example. They thus bring a more modern and practical aspect to the way of interacting with the public.

- The DOOH which brings together all digital signage solutions for advertising purposes, to communicate and promote products / services / offers.

The fact is that more and more merchants and businesses are using this popular mode of communication among consumers. Communication on screens offers greater flexibility, especially compared to conventional displays.

Communication on screens is a very dynamic sector.

Indeed, all digital advertising media recorded an increase of + 13.4%. 69%, or nearly two-thirds of advertisers use advertising media in 2019. The sectors that invest the most in digital are: mass distribution, tourism, banking and insurance.

The current health crisis makes prediction more difficult for 2021. Indeed, it is complicated to anticipate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the advertising and DOOH market. The Kantar Med study predicts an increase of 1% for communication as a whole and of 10% for the digital sector.

We must therefore bet on interesting alternatives for advertisers. This is why Easy key's dynamic display innovates in terms of communication on screens with its interactive contactless solution. You can now find our entire offer dedicated to interactive advertising in our "phygital signage" solutions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EasyDK phygital signage, an innovative interactive digital signage solution?

Dynamic display or digital signage is the set of non-fixed visual forms of communication, used in places open to the public and which change over time. Currently, it is mainly performed on a digital screen. The fact is that the Easy key software solution responds to different forms of dynamic display (or digital signage) while integrating the specificities of each.

How does the Easy key digital signage solution work?

1 - Customer experience: The visitor scans a Qrcode to activate the services:

a) The visitor's smartphone becomes a TV remote control.

b) Visitors can activate dynamic content from their smartphone.

c) You store and edit the experience from all your media from the digital signage solution. 2 - The EasyDK player under Raspberry Pi: a) Connect EasyDK in HDMI to your communication screen. b) Connect your smartphone and the Easy DK key to the same wifi network. The application automatically finds the player or players on your network and synchronizes your media.

c) Connect your player to your digital signage software, a 100% online solution. d) Use real time screen management.



Easy DK protects your data
and contributes to the circular economy

 Digital signage for everyone


Easy DK a solution produced and hosted in France:

Easy DK is a GDPR-compliant proprietary solution that
respects your data, your freedom and your privacy.


Easy DK a eco-friendly multimedia solution:

Unique software that is automatically updated.
Easy DK is constantly evolving, respecting your hardware.


Easy DK, committed to a more united digital:

Easy DK transforms and connects all recent or old screens.
We recycle Easy DK to give it a second life.


A digital solution serving the common interest:

e-inclusion, Easy DK takes into account needs and capacities everyone.
Sharing, Easy DK is digital accessible to the greatest number.

The Easy DK project, a linux digital signage system initiated on Raspberry Pi.

The EasyDK open source embedded software works exclusively under the Raspberry Pi open hardware platform. Therefore Raspberry Pi users, experienced or not, will appreciate being able to freely modify the “open source” embedded software or to be able to install their own functionalities. Thus, all users benefit from a multimedia showcase management application that adapts to their own uses.

Order EasyDK, the package includes a dynamic display solution on “Open source” raspberry, bringing together cloud, embedded software and mobile application, for less than € 99 / year.