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EasyDK is an interactive device combining dynamic display and multitouch touch screen!

Maintain attention, inform differently, make people want to take action... What if digital signage on screens came to life, and if passers-by/customers took control of an information/advertising that until now had been thought of unilaterally (the point of sale broadcasts, the public receives it passively).

It is through this reflection and in a health context that we know, that two people decided to think the EasyDK, a box connected to the screens of retailers, capable of scrolling interactive media themselves, connected to a QR Code and thus allowing to transform the smartphones of passers-by into an intuitive remote control.


What if touch technology really did give power to all passers-by?

And if their smartphone became the gateway to mix physical and digital "phygital", a digital signage working as an interactive terminal ... This solution did not exist, but two people have thought it and we made it possible thanks to Phygital Signage ", a multimedia player connected to the screens of merchants scrolling interactive media encouraging the passage to action ...

Phygital Signage innovation

In-store display in interactive kiosk mode

Launched by Monel Mancel and Raphaëlle Mancel, EasyDK is a professional digital signage solution that allows to transmit on one screen all the media content of professionals who are dedicated to attracting the public (Shopping malls, convenience stores, event fairs, independent professions...). Launched in April 2020, the company announces the official launch of the solution after having tested its product in betâ mode.

How the digital display works

As on a touch table, EasyDK puts your content in the center of attention

The health context of the last few months has shown that we must never stop innovating and adapting our systems. It is in this conviction that EasyDK's teams have developed an opportunity for use by developing the EasyDK, an HDMI dongle that connects to TV sets, capable of retransmitting from a QR Code relevant information on the smartphones of passers-by/prospects.

If tactile display tablets are relevant points of interaction, they are also vectors of transmission of microbes, crowd gathering and often minimal in the content transmitted to the people receiving the information.

Like Chromecast, the EasyDK is a condensed innovation that allows consumers to take control of digital information with their smartphone. Further on, it allows to avoid crowds, to give more information, to continue to promote products, places to live...

In short, to create the necessary interactivity while reducing "dangerous" social actions for each citizen/consumer. This is not just a new way of consuming, but a new way of capturing and interacting with the right information. Advertisers can promote content, products, and thus offer a better experience for users.

See digital signage applications

EasyDK interactive terminal, how it works

Operating from a dedicated interface, professionals can integrate all their content, rebroadcast thanks to the connected box.

To enrich the content and simplify creation, software and an application have been developed.

Regardless of the type of media, professionals can create, script, and then schedule broadcasts including the durations and modes of passage that will appear on the screen.

Artificial intelligence, inviting itself into this program, it becomes simple to bring its contents to life as if on an interactive table...

Order EasyDK the PRO chromcast

Interactive display kiosk for merchants

The information connected to the QR CODE, passers-by will have to take out their smartphone and scan the QR CODE which will allow them to enter the brand's universe, to make their smartphone a connected remote control. They will then be able to choose the content they want to view according to its relevance. Passers-by are no longer passive and fully aware of what they are viewing.

Découvrez les tendances "affichage digital" en 2021

The digtal display in touch table mode

Make the content lively and allow it to offer multiple perceptions for each passage/prospect. This is the mission of EASY DK, which has developed a system offering a variety of content available on a single screen. This new way of conceiving media dynamics is responding to new demands for all parties (Professional/Individual) :

  • More specific information for the spectator
  • More people on the screens at once
  • Better message retention
  • A more integrated brand image that best suits the viewer and is consistent across all channels

In the air of master data, using this solution is to respond to future issues related to consumer behavior while respecting privacy and other private information (RGPD).

Thus, with EASY KEY, it is possible to :

  • Process data information
  • Have entry points on geolocation and activated content types

Key points that thus become strengths to determine the best ways to make its strengths converge.

Our Best fonctionnalitys

Prices of an interactive terminal with the functions of an interactive table?

Developed in April 2020, the founders preferred to play the "BETA" card by having the solution tested with active customers. Tested and approved, it was time to move to the "Official" act by making the solution available to all professionals receiving from the public. So to start the year well, the EASY KEY, will be available online at the price of announcing the presence of the EASY DIGITAL KEY, for the start of the new school year 2021.

Inside this pack, an EASY DIGITAL KEY box, already set up. The offer includes 2Gb of cloud, an application to realize the contents, an installation assistance.

EasyDK demonstration