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The display solution that transforms the on-screen communication experience

Our display solution allows you to make communicating and interactive screens "contactless".

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Easy Digital Key the new way off digital signage

What if we gave real decision-making power to all onlookers as to the types of ads and content they want to see ? What if it was possible for them to interact with the advertising screens ? And what if their smartphone became the "phygital" gateway to mix physical and digital and all this thanks to the’dynamic display on the screensmerchants, present in the stores of the points of sale...

This solution did not exist, but the EasyDK teams thought of it and made it possible thanks to theEasyDK, a box connected to the merchants' screens scrolling through interactive media and promoting a move to action.

A smartphone activates the screens with a qrcode

Phygital signage connects mobile terminals to digital screens

The health context of the last few months has shown that there is still a need to demonstrate innovation and adaptability. It is in this conviction, that the teams of EASY DK, developed an opportunity of use by developing the EASY DIGITAL KEY, a box that connects in HDMI to displays in points of sale and reception areas. In a few seconds, from a QR code, a smartphone is able to activate/drive the screens. The owner of the smartphone can thus scroll through the information that interests him/her.

There are several concrete uses for this innovation :

First of all the passage in front of the shop windows. The average attention span is 3 seconds. Very little to retain attention, and even less to get an overall idea of what the merchant is offering. It is therefore necessary to make the difference and to mark its presence beyond the window.

- Then, the reinforcement of the tactile display terminals which are, certainly, relevant points of interaction, but also a source of germs and crowds. The information distilled there is, moreover, fragmented. Here again, this innovation finds its place.

- We also think of waiting rooms and reception areas that can become moments of interaction with the patient or visitors.

The EasyDK player transforms a screen into an interactive kiosk

The Chromcast for PROS the link between the physical world and the digital universe

Like the Chromecast, the EASY DIGITAL KEY is a condensed version of the innovation that offers the consumer to take control of digital information with his smartphone. Beyond a new tool for consumption, it is a new tool for capturing the right information and interacting with it..

This allows advertisers to promote content, products, and provide a better user experience. With this box, a new interactive and immersive current is on its way.

Digital signage software

Operating mode for PROS

To enrich the content and simplify creation, software and an application have been developed. Professionals can integrate all their content and replay it thanks to the connected box.

Regardless of the type of media, professionals can create, script, and then schedule broadcasts, including the durations and modes that will be displayed on the screen.

Regardless of the type of media, professionals can create, script, and then schedule broadcasts, including the durations and modes that will be displayed on the screen.

Mode of operation for passers-by 

Unlike Google's Chromcast, which requires the downloading of a application, EASY DK has favoured the QR CODE technology for passers-by. The only action required, will be to take out their smartphone and scan the QR CODE. In a few seconds, they will be directly connected in the brand's universe and their smartphone will become the intuitive remote control.

Interest: The passer-by is no longer passive and fully aware of what he is visualizing. An interaction to be carried out alone or in group since EasyDK offers a multi-user mode.

Mobile terminal for phygital passage signage
Easy DK connects in HDMI to the displays

About MMPhygital

Launched by Monel Mancel and Raphaëlle Mancel, MM Phygital is an engineering company that creates software and connected objects.

Since its creation in 2017, it has supported renowned companies such as AXA, BPCE, SODEXO, ATRADIUS, MONDIAL TECH, and others.

The strength of this technological company lies in 3 points: Observe, Adapt and Propose innovative solutions for specific and beneficial uses.

This is the case with their new solution, the EasyDK, which offers professionals who receive the public or high traffic passages a new vision of dynamic and connected digital signage.